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Jo Sparrow is a writer, Adopt Perspective podcast host, public relations professional and experienced literary emcee / interviewer based in Springfield, Queensland. She is also President of Jigsaw Qld - post adoption support service. Jo has completed a Doctor of Creative Arts, Masters of Public Relations and Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Writing) .

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Constructing Identity
After Adoption in Perth
My Brilliant Failure
Your Story: Essential tools for beginner memoir writers
Writing Memoir
Constructing Identity
After Adoption


Welcome to my webpage. You'll notice the convergence of my two passions here - supporting and connecting people affected by adoption, and writing / literature. Over my career I've worn a few hats - educator and public relations professional to name just two. However, it is only over the past decade that my skills, experience and passions have found their home. In 2015(ish), after I completed a doctorate researching the use of writing to construct identity after adoption, I began working with Jigsaw Queensland - a not-for-profit post adoption support service. An important service that I benefited from during my own search and reunion with my biological family. I look after the organisation's website and PR and most recently co-host and produce their Adopt Perspective Podcast. In late 2020, I was also honoured to be elected as President of Jigsaw Qld.


I've been delighted to host and emcee literary events for libraries and bookstores as well as interview people affected by and involved in adoption. Through this work, I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing some incredible people, including; Julia Gillard, Trent Dalton, Matthew Reilly, Grantlee Kieza, Glen McGrath, Adam Liaw, Candice Fox, Scott Stephens, Cathy McLennan, Jacqueline Harvey, Yvonne Gallagher, George Ivanoff, Cass Moriarty, Belinda Murrell, Shelley Davidow, Frances Whiting, Nike Sulway, Kylie Kaden, Sandie Docker, Steve Mascord, Helene Young, Melissa Fagan, Kylie Chan, Samantha Wheeler, Nicole Alexander, and Mary-Rose MacColl.

This website however, is mostly dedicated to my personal writing work - be it academic, journalistic or creative. Enjoy!


This paper, published in TEXT Journal, discusses my quest for a narrative means to give voice to the story of my adoption. The memoir investigates the adoption wounds I sustained when separated at birth from my biological mother and was adopted three weeks later into a family with three existing biological children.

Even though I understood adoption had impacted my life, I remained uncomfortably silent on the subject for close to forty years. I was silent because I had no idea how to articulate my adoption experience. Words truly failed me. This paper, published in the Australian Journal of Adoption, discusses the literary journey of healing I undertook when I wrote my memoir, entitled 'Darling Adopted Daughter'.

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