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More than 40,000 listeners in 45 countries.

It has been a privilege to host and produce Adopt Perspective, a podcast for anyone affected by adoption for Jigsaw Queensland. We discuss the adoption experience from the perspectives of mothers, fathers, adopted people and their loved ones, so that we may learn and grow from the perspectives of others. Sharing personal stories and exploring adoption topics including adoption loss, the psychological impacts of adoption, forced adoption, inter-country adoption, searching, reunion, healing and many others. We interview adults affected by adoption as well as practitioners, people involved in inquiries, research, legislative change and apologies, artists, film-makers and authors. The podcast discusses adult themes and listener discretion is advised.

If you reside in Queensland you can contact Jigsaw Queensland's Forced Adoption Support Service (FASS) toll free on

1800 21 03 13. If calling from another State of Australia the same number will take you to the FASS team in that state (Relationships Australia provides this service in states other than Queensland). You can also contact Jigsaw Qld on (07) 3358 6666 or email For any search for identity, it is necessary to contact the State in which the adoption occurred and it is possible to find each state in Australia operating under different guidelines and legislation. For additional Australian contacts, check out the Website Links page of our website. 

Find out more about Forced Adoption here

Listen to Adopt Perspective on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or click here.


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