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I'm an Ipswich (Springfield) based writer, researcher, podcast host

and public relations professional, with more than two decades of PR

experience in the higher education, government and private sectors.

I am also honoured to serve as President of Jigsaw Qld.

I've written two books / manuscripts - Masters Guide to Wedding

Photography - a non-fiction book, co-authored with acclaimed

Brisbane photographer, Marcus Bell

( Masters Guide was published

by Amherst Media in New York City in



The second manuscript is both complete AND a work in

progress...fiction / memoir entitled The Daisy Chain. It's evolving,

and I'm not in a rush for it to do so. 

I am also circling a fictional novel entitled Dances With Dogs about

a lack-lustre marriage that is brought to the brink when the couple’s

public, private and secret lives collide in a Generation X Catfish

story. In one sentence I'd describe it as, War of the Roses meets

American Beauty and spawns a Gen X Catfish drama.


I write a lot for work, however I hesitate to call myself a writer because I wear a lot of hats, and who needs to 'pen' themselves in? I am interested in reading and writing about the complexities of the human experience. I'm in love with the frailties and failings of us all, that highlight our vulnerability and join us together in one, big, melting pot of captivating, fleshy mush.


I have also written feature and news articles for a variety of publications both in Australia and internationally, designed and created websites and delivered workshops about constructing identity after adoption, writing memoir, finding language to circle trauma and overcoming obstacles to achieve success. 

I have a Doctor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) USC, Master of Public Relations USQ and a Bachelor of Arts (Journ, Writing) Monash. I served on the management committee of the Queensland Writers Centre and am currently President of Jigsaw Queensland Inc. (Post Adoption Resource Centre).

I began my life in Brisbane, moving several times - first to a 1200 acre grain farm at Brookstead on the Darling Downs, and then Toowoomba, Nanango...back to Brisbane and I currently live in Springfield (Ipswich). I've been with my high school crush for more than thirty-two years and we've been married for twenty-five of those. We share our lives with our two beautiful sons (one is an incredible remedial massage therapist) and a cattle dog who hogs our bed and runs the house.

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Constructing Identity After Adoption

When I began writing my memoir in 2011, I didn't realise I was constructing a framework over which to drape my future skin. When I completed the manuscript, I could see myself authentically reflected for the first time. I've learned that narrative writing is an effective way to construct identity following a traumatic event such as adoption.

2013 - 2015

University of the Sunshine Coast

Doctor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)

Writing Memoir

Whether writing for yourself, family history or publication, penning a memoir is both a rewarding and enlightening experience. Discovering ways to innovate in creative non-fiction makes it even more so.

2010 - 2011

University of Southern Queensland

Master of Public Relations

2002 - 2004

Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Writing)

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