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Healing is Possible

If proof is required that a sincere apology and open acknowledgement of wrong doing can be an excellent starting point for healing, then it could be found on Tuesday (21 March) at the commemorative morning tea and art exhibition for the 4th anniversary of the federal apology for past forced adoptions, held at New Farm.

Four years on from then-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard's apology in the Great Hall at Parliament house, there was a palpable shift in emotions evident at this event. Connections had been made by people affected, there was greater understanding by all of what occurred during this shameful period in Australia's history and funding by the federal government has been wisely used by recipient organisations such as Jigsaw Queensland to provide ongoing support services to those affected. Time in itself is not a healer, it is what we do with that time and how we become active in our own growth and healing that makes all the difference; and it was clear that amongst the people who attended this event...healing is afoot.

It was my honour to speak on behalf of Jigsaw Queensland at the event and the crux of my reflection is covered by this article published nationwide in Fairfax newspapers (not my headline).

To read more about the apology anniversary event, visit the Jigsaw Queensland website.


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