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Constructing Identity After Adoption Workshop

I will be facilitating a FREE 'Constructing Identity After Adoption' workshop for adopted people at Jigsaw Queensland (Ground Floor Meeting Room at SANDS House, 505 Bowen Terrace, New Farm) on 22 April 2017, from 9am to 4pm. Spaces are limited to 20, so book early! *Forced Adoption Support Service staff will be available at the workshop to offer support. This activity is funded by the Small Grants program - Forced Adoption Support Services.

About the Workshop:

‘Adoptees search in the mirror for a glimpse of their mother’s eyes, their father’s nose, a grandparent’s lips, and some clue to who they are and what they might become.’ - B.J. Lifton

Children who aren’t adopted, build identity through shared resemblance with their biological families. Such resemblances are missing from the childhoods of adopted people and they must find other ways to construct identity. This workshop explores why this process is more complex for adopted people and how art (writing, visual arts, music, poetry etc) can assist them in discovering the authentic self. It explores adoption wounds, divided self theory, the silence of trauma, disenfranchised grief, and the neuroscience of adoption.

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